7 In-Demand IT Skills That Can Get You Hired (IEEE Education Week) 


Technology professionals are some of the most sought-after workers in today’s economy. Currently, only 1.7 percent of tech workers in the U.S. are unemployed, compared to about 4 percent of the rest of the workforce, according to the New York Times. For those who work in cyber security, unemployment drops to around 0.2 percent.

Tech professionals may be in-demand, but they also face fierce competition as they navigate a job market with an endlessly evolving demand for new skills. As we previously reported, companies are often hunting for professionals well-versed in DevOps, AI/machine learning, full-stack and back-end development, JavaScript, Java, and Python. However, these are not the only sought after skills. Below is a summary of seven in-demand IT infrastructure skills that could land you your next big tech gig, according to Andrew Froehlich, President & Lead Network Architecture of West Gate Networks, originally published in Information Week.

1. Advanced Cloud Networking:
Today’s cloud engineers are no longer working on a single cloud, but across an infrastructure of multiple clouds supported by different providers. As such, organizations are increasingly looking for professionals who can navigate the complexity. 

2. AIOps:
IT departments are growingly dependent on artificial intelligence (AI) for IT (AIOps) to decipher the data behind their IT architecture. In order to accurately set up and manage AIOps, they need IT professionals who understand network/device health monitoring, network performance/security data collection, automation/scripting techniques, and interpreting analyzed data.

3. Zero Trust for Secure Workloads:
Most IT professionals understand the basics of zero trust, a method which assumes user identities or the network itself may already be under attack. However, to make it work, companies need professionals who understand how to secure backend workloads in order to protect sensitive data transferred between servers, data centers, and clouds.

4. Containers:
As standard units of software that package code and its dependencies, known as “containers,” become more common, organizations are increasingly dependent on well-versed IT professionals. 

5. Performance Management:
Increasingly, companies need IT professionals who understand application performance management (APM) software, which automatically monitors, diagnoses, and fixes problems in applications.

6. Smart Building Internet of Things (IoT):
With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to keep many employees at home, employers have a perfect opportunity to deploy and test smart building systems in their empty office buildings— and they will need professionals with IoT skills to do so. 

7. Private 5G:
Starting this year, many organizations will begin to initiate private 5G networks in their facilities in order to boost performance and security. This means they’ll need IT professionals versed in this new emerging wireless technology.

Do you lack any of these in-demand skills? Continuing education is a great way to advance your expertise.

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