How the IoT is Changing Industries and Lives

Connected devices are transforming the world in ways we could barely have imagined just a few decades ago. The Internet of Things (IoT) is already changing industries and lives around the world. The following are just four industries that are experiencing this transformation:

Agriculture: IoT tractors are helping farmers increase productivity and decrease costs. These vehicles not only drive themselves, but also use algorithms to calculate the best routing based on things like number of vehicles and vehicle turn radius.

Education: So long, one-size-fits-all lectures! Thanks to IoT devices that enable task-based learning, students can work at their own pace via connected devices. The devices notify teachers when students need extra guidance. Wearable devices help teachers out, too, taking over tedious tasks like attendance taking.

Industrial Environments: IoT devices that combine historical records with real-time data to predict breakdowns and schedule preventive maintenance reduce downtime.

Healthcare: IoT is already improving care and delivering it to more people. The ability to remotely monitor patients’ vital signs reduces emergency room visits and helps people in rural areas avoid long and expensive trips to a medical center.

What’s Next

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