Want to Learn New Skills for the Digital Era? Join IEEE Education Week 


Remote work and digital transformation are rapidly reshaping the workplace. They are also creating demand for organizations to hire professionals with modern digital skills, particularly, skills like cloud and data management.

“In today’s hybrid work world, digital skills are becoming a requirement for employees across businesses— and moving forward, employers will be looking to fill every role with a technologically savvy employee,” Heather Conklin, senior vice president and general manager of Trailhead at Salesforce, told ZD Net

However, few workers are learning skills that will prepare them for this new digital era. As ZD Net reports, a survey found that 80% felt their current employers didn’t give them any way to progress at work, and 86% of workers felt their careers hit a dead end. However, those who were offered continuous educational opportunities were much more likely to stick with their employer. According to a Salesforce report in April, two-thirds of workers remained at jobs that provided these opportunities.

The demand for digitally adept workers won’t end after the pandemic, as it is expected to leave an even more digitized workplace in its wake.  “Technical skills will play a huge role in the new world,” says Aditya Kohli, CHRO of loan provider Clix Capital, told BW Business World

Given this new reality, it’s imperative for professionals to upskill on a regular basis, and that organizations provide opportunities for them to do so.

Want to Learn New Digital Skills? Join IEEE Education Week (4-8 April 2022)

IEEE Education Week (4-8 April 2022) is a weeklong celebration of continuous education opportunities provided by the world’s largest technical professional association and its many organizational units, societies, and councils. Through local and regional activities, webinars, online courses, scholarships, and more, this event offers IEEE members and the global community a wealth of educational resources. Participants will get a chance to earn points towards an IEEE Education Week Digital Badge. The celebration will feature both in-person and virtual events. Check out the IEEE Education Week video to learn more. 

Who Can Join?

Are you a technical professional looking to develop new skills? A university student in need of networking and training? A STEM educator who wants to expand your students’ knowledge? IEEE Education Week is a great opportunity to explore the educational resources you need most!

IEEE offers pre-university STEM, university, and continuing professional education resources for students, engineers, and technical professionals all over the globe. IEEE Education Week will highlight resources for:

  • Engineers and professionals working in technical fields,
  • University students and faculty members,
  • Anyone looking for pre-university STEM education resources and experiences to encourage the next generation of engineers and technologists

You do not need to be an IEEE member to participate. However, IEEE members receive free and discounted access to many of these events and resources, so be sure to check them out. Not an IEEE member? Now is the perfect time to join to take advantage of membership benefits. Click here to learn more.

When Can You Start Exploring?

Start exploring now and access resources during the week of IEEE Day, 4-8 October 2021. 

Want to stay informed? Subscribe to our mailing list. Click “Stay informed!” on the website. Then, join the IEEE Education Week celebration from 4-8 April 2022.

Are You Part of an IEEE-affiliated Group and Want to Get Involved?

If you are part of an IEEE-affiliated group that would like to get involved by offering educational events, resources, and/or special educational offers on the IEEE Education Week website, we would love to feature them! Learn how to get involved


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