8 Ways Continuing Education Certificates Help Your Career

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Engineering is just one of many professions that requires participation in continuing education programs in order to maintain a license. However, even if your particular line of work doesn’t require a professional certificate or license, voluntarily completing a continuing education program goes a long way toward demonstrating your commitment to improving your expertise in your field.

Enrolling in continuing education programs to earn certificates can benefit your career in at least eight ways.

  1. Stay current with new technology, laws, and regulations.
  2. Maintain your Professional Engineer license.
  3. Continue your professional development.
  4. Improve your skills.
  5. Prove professional competency.
  6. Stand out in professional networks.
  7. Bolster your resume.
  8. Build a little leverage during salary discussions with your employer.

Earn Your Certificate from IEEE

IEEE brings together some of the best and brightest minds in engineering to offer education programs based on the most relevant content to help you stay ahead in your field. Courses are mobile accessible, available 24/7, and provide CEUs/PDHs upon successful completion. Programs include:

IEEE maintains an official registry of all certificates awarded, which makes it easier for you to account to state licensing boards. You can be proud to share your IEEE Certificate, a guarantee of educational quality.

To talk with an IEEE administrator and find a program that suits your needs, email us today at:


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5 Responses to 8 Ways Continuing Education Certificates Help Your Career

  1. Adam Golightly November 11, 2020 at 6:36 pm #

    My uncle has been thinking about going back to school, so that he can be more productive in his career. He would really like to learn more about insurance from a professional with the right classes. It was interesting to learn about how he can improve his skills, and prove his professional competency.

  2. Eli Richardson December 28, 2020 at 4:28 pm #

    I like that you said that enrolling in continuing education programs to earn certification can benefit your career in the long haul. My brother is thinking about enrolling in a course, to improve his knowledge about a certain topic regarding his career. But he wasn’t sure as if to do it or not. I think this article will help him make the right choice. Thanks for the information about how by doing it you improve your skills and prove your professional competency.


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